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Stag Night T-Shirt Printing

There are some mementos of your stag night that you won’t want – tagged photos of the big night appearing on your Facebook page for your new wife/boss/mother-in-law to see, for example. But a stag t-shirt of the big night (or weekend if you’re really going for it) is an excellent way of remembering a lost weekend without giving away too much incriminating evidence!

You can use our state of the art t-shirt printing design tool to make your stag and the rest of lads a brilliant reminder of the stag do. You can put whatever you like onto the stag night t-shirts – there’s no hidden printing charges, the price you see when you choose your t-shirt is the price you pay WHATEVER you choose to print on your t-shirt, so the only limit is your imagination.

Whether you want to embarrass the stag, take the mickey out of all the stag party, stand out from the crowd, or just give everyone fair warning that the boys are coming and they are ready to party, Print Clothes can help you create the right t-shirt.

There’s a lot of planning goes into a wedding (ask any of the Hens) but getting your stag night t-shirts ordered so that you can get the rest of the important stuff organised – stag night, wedding booze and well that’s it really, isn’t it?! – needn’t be. You’re halfway there already because you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Printing Your Stag Night T-Shirts

All you need to do to get started is click on the link to our handy video which shows you all you need to know to design your stag t-shirts using our online design tool. It’s really easy and judging by some of the totally bonkers designs and slogans stag groups have come up with, it’s even easy to use after a few drinks!

We don’t have a minimum order number on our t-shirts, making us the perfect choice if you want everyone to have an individualised stag t-shirt – sometimes there are just too many in-jokes and funny blokes to make do with one design for you all! We use quality Fruit of the Loom t-shirts, which ensure your stag night t-shirts will last nearly as long as your memories of an excellent stag do.

Fast Delivery of Stag Night T-Shirts

If you’re running a bit behind schedule with getting the stag do up and running, you can stop worrying about the t-shirts right now. Once you’ve designed your stag night t-shirts and we’ve received the order we can get them out to you in 24 hours. There’s no delivery charge for orders over £25 and all stag t-shirts are sent via Royal Mail, but if this doesn’t suit you let us know who you’d prefer them to be delivered by and we’ll organise it.

Making Your Stag Party Go Down In History

Stag parties are a part of pre-wedding tradition across the world. Nobody is entirely sure (the attendants were probably too hungover to keep good records) but it seems like they started in the 5th century with the Spartan army where soldiers would feast and drink the night before another soldier’s wedding, to bid goodbye to his bachelor days, and to give him the opportunity to swear continued allegiance to his comrades – a bit of a bromance then!

In the UK and Ireland it’s called a stag do, in the US and Canada a bachelor party, a Bull’s night in South Africa and a Buck’s night in Oz, and the French call it ‘the burial of life as a boy (cheery!), but wherever you are and whatever you choose to call the big night, here are a few dos and dont’s for a successful stag do that will go down in history (for the right reasons!):

Do be organised and collect as much money for the night beforehand, trying to split the bill after 10 pints is not going to be easy.

Don’t hold the stag do the night before the wedding. The Spartans didn’t have Jaegerbombs and high speed train services to mess up the big day so could afford to party the night before.

Do tell and pubs, clubs or restaurants you are planning on visiting that you are a Stag group. Tons of places will be more than happy to accommodate you so don’t try and get into the places that may not let you in, spoiling all your plans.

Don’t do anything that you wouldn’t want splashed across Facebook, Bebo, Twitter etc, those photos/stories have a way of getting out there, be warned!

Do look after the groom. Nobody wants to spend an uncomfortable day and evening at a wedding where the bride and her friends and family are giving you evils for some prank you played on the groom.

Do remember to order your stag party t-shirts – they may be the only way that you remember where you went on the night!