Hen Night T-Shirt Printing

Planning a wedding is hard work so it’s important to make sure that the Hen night is an absolute blast, to tame your stressed out bridezilla! The boys used to rule the roost when it came to crazy pre-wedding parties and weekends, but a stroll down any pub filled high street on a Saturday night shows that the girls are catching up fast (some might say taking over!). Whether you’re clubbing the night away, hitting some bars dressed as saucy nuns, or pampering yourselves at a health spa, a Hen Night t-shirt is a great reminder of the night for all the girls.

Using our state of the art t-shirt printing design tool you can make the whole Hen night party a personalised reminder of the big night (or nights if you’re really lucky). The price you see when you choose your t-shirt style is the price that you pay at the checkout – all printing, however much you decide to put on there, is included in the cost. Because there are no hidden cost, this is one area of the wedding where the bride (and her mates) can get exactly what she wants.

Whatever you want to say with your Hen night t-shirts – a cheeky reminder of that perm the bride had in 5th year, a recreation of the pink ladies from Grease, or just a message to the lads that this night is about the girls, Print Clothes can help you to make the perfect t-shirt for your Hens.

Printing Your Hen Night T-Shirts

Getting the Hen night t-shirts sorted is easy with Print Clothes. Just click on this link and watch our helpful video, and everything that you need to know to design your Hen Night t-shirts is on there. You don’t have to be amazing with computers to use it, it’s really simple and clear to use. In fact, we have a suspicion that some Hens have got the party started at the t-shirt printing stage, judging by the loopy designs some groups have come up with!

The fact that we don’t insist upon a minimum order means that we’re perfect if you’d like individual t-shirts printed for each of your Hens – perhaps you need to separate the Carries, from Samanthas, Mirandas and Charlottes. All of our t-shirts are printed on high quality Fruit of the Loom garments, so your t-shirt will last even longer than the hangover after the big night.

Fast Delivery of Hen Night T-Shirts

There’s no need to worry if you need your Hen Night t-shirts in a hurry – after you place your order we aim to do the t-shirt printing and send them out to you within 24 hours. And if your order total comes to more than £25, we even pay for the postage. We use Royal Mail to deliver the t-shirts but can arrange delivery by your preferred carrier if you let us know at the ordering stage.

Organising a Hen Night to Remember (For the Right Reasons)

Hen nights first became popular in the 1960s and really took hold in the UK in the 1980s, and now in the 2010s the Hens are giving the Stags a run for their money. No pub, club or bar in the land is completely safe from groups of women in bunny ears and veils determined to give their mate a send off into married life to remember! Here’s a few tips to make sure your Hen Night goes with a swing:

No bride is going to want to arrive at her wedding looking like death warmed up. Leave at least a week between Hen Night and wedding to give the bride plenty of time to catch up on her beauty sleep and repair the damage of her crazy night.

Make sure that you have invited everyone that the bride would like to share her last night of freedom with – this may include people that you don’t know very well like her new in-laws or people that she works with, so if you’re in any doubt run the guest list by her.

Whatever you are planning to do, try and collect (and pay) for as much of the night or weekend before it happens. Even the most organised of women is going to find it hard to multitask/count after a few Cosmopolitans.

Stick together and make sure that all of the group know which bars and clubs you’re heading to in case somebody gets lost or split up from the rest of the group. This is especially important if you’re going away somewhere for the weekend – nobody wants an upset Hen or to be wandering round alone somewhere unfamiliar dressed in a bunny tail and ears.

Don’t do anything on the night that you wouldn’t be happy for your Auntie Jean to find out about, Auntie Jeans (yours or someone elses) ALWAYS find out, and you want to enjoy the wedding not spend it cringing in the corner.

Look after the bride, give her the weekend of her dreams with lots of personal touches and bonding time and you’ll have a friend forever!

And remember to get your Hen t-shirts printed here as a nice reminder of a brilliant night.